Tues June 11th 4-7pm | The Introverts Introduction to Erotica

Tues June 11th 4-7pm | The Introverts Introduction to Erotica


Sex is actually really gross - but those are usually the best parts. Regardless if you agree or disagree with that statement, this course is for you. I’ll either change your mind or we’re already friends and just don’t know it . This course aims to take the shame and uncertainty out of erotica. You will learn how to infuse erotic subjects and imagery into boudoir, lifestyle, and traditional portraiture in a social safe and explicit manner. We'll go over developing themes from the ground up and incorporate power dynamics to enhance your imagery.

We’ll breakdown and compare shooting both live and simulated sex and their differences emotionally and technically.

This is extremely emotional and vulnerable work for both you and your models, so we'll also cover the best techniques for setting expectations as well as the most effective ways to communicate them.

Boon Ong and I will be demonstrating all of the above PLUS how to depict sexual tension without actually having any.

*NOTE: If you are not paying the full amount, Taylor will reach out to coordinate the remaining payment.

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