Tues June 11th 9-12pm | Conscious Clickbait

Tues June 11th 9-12pm | Conscious Clickbait


Creating marketing material that doesn’t sexualize your clients or piss off the prude police is increasingly difficult. If you aren’t sure how to shoot for social media, you aren’t alone. I’ve been making clickbait longer than I’ve been making art, but now I try and make both simultaneously.

This workshop focuses on best practices, techniques and approaches to sharing suggestive or sexual content. We’ll go over setting expectations with paid clients to aim for a full release, how to structure model calls to approach influencers for cross promotion collaborations, developing themes and styling and finding a visual voice in this clusterfuck of collective consciousness we call “connectivity”.

When you sign up for this workshop you will also be purchasing a portion of my dignity. I am one of the few “humans” I know that can see their own butthole, which means fucking with perspective is my physical specialty. The second half of this workshop will be dedicated to creating your sexually suggestive clickbait. I will be your naked human and will be breaking down my socially safe erring on erotic poses with opportunity for you to capture those shots that clients may not sign off on. Full model release (you must provide your own release). Topless & implied masterbation included. No genital nudity. If my gynaecologist sees it, you don’t need to.