SXM vs. Irma

I heard many people describe the recent eclipse as making them aware of their size in the universe. 

Solar Eclipse behind the CN Tower by Jon Simonassi on

Photographer: Jon Simo

Maybe it’s my lack of imagination that doesn’t allow me to think that large or my crippling realism that has reminded me of my intense insignificance as an intelligent life form ever since I knew I was one. 

But Irma made me feel small. And for those of you who haven’t seen how hard she just fucked the Carribean, be warned, it was savage. 

I sat down alone and looked at my walls and thought about what I could do if all of a sudden they started to shift. 

Back away - get into open space.
Open space; less support. The roof. 
Contained space - closed doors. Wait.

And then I just cried. In my perfectly in tact apartment that will likely never shift or sway unless humans are involved. The thought of absolute helplessness was overwhelming enough. 

We make shit and buy shit and then make new shit and buy that shit. We flex our mammal muscles and yell about the food chain, but one flick to the nuts from mother nature and we go down. 

*Reason #1 living through Canadian winter is worth it*

If I lived in a location where all of a sudden the wind could just can open my house I would need to be medicated. 

But we’re not all that fortunate - or unfortunate depending on your stance on winter. The Caribbean has always been my bit of blue in all the black. 

And one little island I spent next to no time on at all carved out a little place in my grinch heart.

St. Maarten is a true escape from reality, rules and real roads. And it showed up in my life when I needed it most. It was brief, but my body would not have been able to take more banana rum. 

And right now they are being reminded of just how small they are.

And we should be reminded of real problems and maybe to make less of our own. 

95% destruction. 

Where would you go when there’s no where to go?


Taylor Oakes