10 Steps To Getting Over Yourself and Enjoying Your Life

Emotions need no square footage, but are likely the thing that take up the most space in our lives.

Forgiveness makes space.

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Improve your mental health & relationships

Reduce anxiety, stress & hostility

Lower blood pressure

Reduce symptoms of depression

Improve immunity & self-esteem

But it is important to know when it is valuable and when it is destructive.
We want closeness and intimacy, but that simultaneously leaves us vulnerable to being hurt and disappointed by those closest to us. 

Family and friends being forever or blood being thicker than water is absolute trash and anyone that insisted that be the truth was possibly emotionally abusing you.

Your humans are who you choose them to be for as long as you mutually continue to bring benefit into each others lives. And the moment that ends, you should fuck off from each other.
It’s the polite and protective thing to do.

Forgiveness is the commitment to move away from suffering.

It strips the source of it’s strength because it requires you to question it. 

Forgiveness is not acceptance or reconciliation.

Forgiveness is also not the same as forgetting or denying.

I didn’t write this list, someone named Dr. Wayne Dyre did and made it about Jesus , but I’m paraphrasing

10 Steps To Getting Over Yourself & Your Shit

  1. Critique, don’t judge. Is people watching your favourite pass time?

  2. Acknowledge the dark times. Are you lying to yourself about your state ?

  3. Be present. You live here.

  4. Stop looking for occasions to feel offended. Are you enticed by conflict?

  5. Give more than you take. It leaves the ego behind.

  6. Focus on being kind instead of right. You’re likely to be right more often.

  7. Let go of resentment. It only lives because you allow it to.

  8. Listen more than you talk. Be open to opposition.

  9. Avoid telling people what to do. You cannot control them.

  10. Switch the focus from blaming others to understanding yourself. Take responsibility for your part.

And if you get through all that, you can start this next list

How To Enjoy Your Life

  1. Move on.

Taylor Oakes