Doing More (A Lot More) In Vegas


The time has come
The pervert said
To learn of kinky things

Of wax and whips and wartenberg wheels
And the pleasures that pain can bring

Have you knelt
or felt
like a good girl or boy?

It doesn’t have to be complicated, costly or creepy
A grip on a neck is a totally free toy.

Your brain is your biggest sex organ
Your dermis your second
Combining the two can take a ten to an eleven.

These rhymes are weak
And nothing like Nicolle’s

But come Do More with me
And I promise you’ll see
Just how sensual, sexual and sellable kink concepts can be


I’ll be hosting a shoot out with the Do More Photographers in Vegas during WPPI.

WHEN: SUNDAY February 23rd @ 4:00pm [SOLD OUT]
MONDAY February 24th @ 10:00am
WHERE: The Palms
WHY: Because your clients all have a closeted freak and if you help them realize and release it, they’ll never forget you and will pay you accordingly.


WHAT: Kink Concepts will demystify the world of BDSM, intensify your imagery and put you in a position to inject more power into your posing.

This class will demonstrate how to incorporate power dynamics into your posing of both individuals, duos and potentially even trios. I will be demonstrating from my posing guide (and then some) with the help of some familiar faces.

The shoot out will include access to and demonstrations with toys and props including, but not limited to, blindfolds, floggers, gags, belts, wax and other fun stuff.


Beyond the tentpoles of shooting stranger sh*t, I will also talk about the sex positive and kink community, how to find these humans as your clients and how to adjust your verbiage for a world you may not know much about.

If this description made you uncertain or uncomfortable, you should take this class.

There will be latex.
Unless there's an allergy.
In which case there will be leather.

HOW: Click this link to come get weird with me.

Taylor Oakes