I F*cking Love Floating


I float to
fuck off
and forget

I want to fuck off from the sensations presented to me

I want to feel supported and held by the water.

I want to forget my pain.

I want to feel what I have to feel - fully and honestly.

I want to fuck off from distractions that keep me from processing.

I want to forget about my trauma, not avoid it.

I want to forget about the world around me - the density of downtown.

I want to feel alone with myself and my mind.

I want to fuck off.

When I could do nothing else, I still floated. I never wanted to let go of the thoughts and sensations I needed to go through to ensure I never came back.

Being alone in the dark and silence is sometimes my only place to process.

It can be scary if you’re not ready to be alone - or exactly the teacher you need if you are.

Apparently I’m a frequent floater - or so says the pen and journal they gifted to me to tell me so.

But Floating has given me so much more over my time in their tubs

  • Calm

  • Warmth

  • Comfort

  • Space

Along with relief from muscular and skeletal pain, a huge dose of magnesium and a wonderful sea salt treatment for my hair and skin.

Floating has created space in my body to stretch and strengthen [and the same in my mind].

It has provided the silence needed for calm, conscious connection.

It has shown me how to “be here”.

Taylor’s Tips for Floating

  1. Have no expectations of yourself or the experience and you will get exactly what you need without disappointment.

  2. Read the F.A.Q - what one person asks, ten other wonder.

  3. A two-hour session can seem daunting, but provides you enough time to relax into the sensations, get over your mind and into the process.

  4. Look to your third eye. Raise your chin and trust your neck. Put your arms by your side with your palms up to open your chest. When you’re ready, try belly-down and turn your face to the side. Trust yourself.

  5. Don’t shave first.

Click here to fuck off and Float

Taylor Oakes