Wednesday Weirdness: Buttsoul

Let me give you something she gave to me; without expecting reciprocity.

Because when was the last time that happened for you?

(I couldn't remember either)

Here it is: 

Everything is momentary.

Whether you want it to be or not; that's the blessing and the curse.

Everything will pass


everything will pass.


And we rarely get a say. Because if you're looking at the big picture, we're the smallest part.

We value life because it is ours, not because it has value. We give it that through [re]action. 

But the ebb and flow; she's a bitch.

Uncertainty | Excitement 

Struggle | Success

Pain | Comfort

But it's never right | wrong.

Nor need | want.

Simply then | now.


Sometimes it's everything you need.

Until it's not. 


I'll give you one more thing - this one's from me.

Here it is:

And that's okay.

Taylor Oakes