Me Too

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We all have.

We haven't all been followed home from work or drugged at the bar. 

Probably even fewer have trusted the wrong friend to get them home.

I have - but I hope you haven't.

And as a result I really prefer flats. I wear jewelry that makes me difficult to hold by the wrists or neck.

My hair is down if I'm walking alone because ponytails are easier to grab.

If I'm parked on the street at night - it's under a light with a security camera so at least there'd be evidence.

Isn't that fucked? But if the circumstance is statistically against you, what can you do but better the odds you do have?

And that's the question - what can we do? 

And then it gets more fucked because currently the best and most applicable advice is "prepare".

If you identify as a woman and have ever been in a room with three other people who do too, you've been in a room with someone that has been or will be assaulted. 


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Applied Force vs Aggressive Pressure

Can these be equal? 

Does getting called into the owner's office to be told "yes your 60-year-old boss is trying to fuck you" feel good? 


Does it feel the same as waking up with teeth marks on your thighs?


If you harass me, I'm going to mentally photoshop the head of your dick onto your Facebook profile photo and send it to your mom & girlfriend. But realistically I will publicly humiliate you and attempt to ruin your boner.

If you assault me, given the chance, I'll spoon out your eyes.

The Initial Post

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Both topics are real issues that women face, but distinctions are important because the gradient is real. And this is why this argument is falling into the "is it sexist" spiral.

If this argument had been about assault, the argument for the inclusion of men would be impossible. 

This is a fact, not an opinion.

Because this argument groups assault and harassment together, we live in the grey.

Efforts to reduce douche fucks forcing garbage out their face holes on the street will not simultaneously curb violent offences. 

They are both problems on the same shit covered spectrum, but they are not the same one. 


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Photo by  Vinny Kim

Photo by Vinny Kim

Taylor Oakes