Two Tall Twits: Deanna Di Carlo

Upward-Facing Dog

So due to a bit of luck, a lot of booze and one tremendous clusterfuck, I have these two majestic and mind numbingly attractive creatures in my life.

Toronto Fitness Models
Fitness Models

Edith Werbel & Deanna Di Carlo

They have inadvertently become my big, fit, sexy photo guinea pigs (what?). But they're also two of the most blunt, bold, boss ass bitches I've ever had the pleasure of working/drinking/making life altering choices with.  I think we're inadvertently starting a girl gang. Wanna join?

And to truly give these anomalies the attention they deserve/survive on, this is gonna be a two parter. 

Starting in alphabetical order, we have Deanna Di Carlo Yoga.

Movement Model SXM

This gigantic baby bird plopped into my life a few years back with all her beachy vibes


 but didn't fully cement her mermaid magic in my life until we were marooned together on an island for two weeks. We drove, boated and swam the whole island, got sunburned on every beach and made enemies with every mosquito. 30 Flows & 8 hangovers later, this was born (with additional bloopers for your enjoyment/our humiliation): 

Not only did I come away with a hard drive full of bendy butts, but my own began to bend as well (uh..). And now I can do this and post it in the corners of the internet you're not invited to.

Naked Yoga Girl


Asides from a notch in my narcissism, I also came away with some of my favourite photos we've ever done together 

I was hooked. I went back for round two. We got even drunker. Did even dumber shit and managed to shoot even cooler shit. Some of which ended up here!

And now we've escalated/reverted to playing princess in the woods. #Adulting? 

I dunno. Check out this mystical mermaid and follower her magical mystery tour through island life as a gigantic, tanned human pretzel.