I am an internet individual of infinite invisible illnesses, which is why I choose to hermit and conserve my energy.

Before I was doing that deliberately, I was doing that for BodyRock.TV. I started out managing their writer roster and curating their social media content during a company restructuring and rebranding. The main on camera talent/wife of the CEO had just fucked off and the fate of the company was uncertain.

Content marketing was just getting a strong foothold in social and our blog grew rapidly. By the end of the first year I was managing 150 writers and we were posting every hour for 24 hours on social channels to drive organic traffic.

By the end of the second year of the CEO and I tag teaming social media pretty much 24 hours per day, we had started averaging 2 million unique visitors to the website per week and were regularly seeing $10k days in ad rev. 

Almost all of this was done through content marketing in an attempt to generate an email that would ultimately lead to a sale or digital download. We were using sexy photos and big ideas to get people to buy into an in-person experience or a digital item. Different focus and ethics, similar model.

The company has expanded its 3 million on Facebook into a subscription model where people have purchased to remain within that community because they are so committed. 

Once that machine was able to run, I started shooting a bit more and eventually took over their production. This is where I really learned how to work with insecure women in incredibly difficult circumstances. Body awareness built, environmental awareness built, importance of scheduling, theming - I became more commercial and was shooting specifically for online success and so my targets changed and is what put me on the trajectory I’m currently on with my own fuckery. 

At 21-22, I started to make sense of what shooting “boudoir” photography meant for me. I had been in a long distance relationship since I was 18 and was a pro at the sexy selfie - I knew how to create a lot of variety in a small environment with limited lighting and just started running through MY usual roster of poses. And then I became the photographer that their clients wanted to see if they specifically did want more sexual images. 

And as long as I’ve been having sex, I’ve been into kink. I had a unique upbringing that really made structure, order and authority very appealing to me and so I’ve always just naturally been drawn to different types of relationships and ways in which people communicate and set boundaries and desires.

I always found visual representations of sex like traditional porn and media to be about anything but sex - high glossed hard to fuck humans does not make sense to me as sexual. We are still animals at the end of the day and we really do best when we embrace the fact that we’re mammals and primarily here to eat and fuck.

I have never been able to get erotic undertones out of my work because I believe they’re in everything we do because we’re human and it’s essentially our driving force. However I believe my interpretation of erotica is more cultivated by expressions of power versus lust. And I’ve never been explicit - I prefer a tease. Instagram can hardly handle that. But even from a psychological perspective, once you’ve seen it, the anticipation is over. I prefer to never let them see it.

So put those two young adulthood working experiences together and combine it with the fact that I’m also a pervert and you get a human that is slightly sex obsessed and and introverted internet intellectual.