“The Undo Over doing it Detox program set up by Edith Werbel was the best way I could have jumpstarted my health and fitness. The program was well planned out, provided clear guidelines for getting started and for each week you progressed. There were some recipes provided, that worked amazingly for prepping ahead of time, and then freeze until needed. The wealth of knowledge and experience that Edith has, allows her to teach you the importance of quality of foods, supplements, and lifestyle changes, that is imperative to balance you in mind, body, and health. I have more energy, confidence, and less pain, allowing me to ramp up my workouts. I suffer from Ankylosing Spondylitis, arthritis in my spine, and just this past fall, unexplainable chest pains, even though my heart is healthy. I started taking magnesium and have not had any pains, or palpations this entire month. So not only did this program teach me about internal health, allow me to lose ten pounds, and a total of 10.25 inches, it has helped me eliminate pain that I thought I had to live with. This is my experience with this program. I plan on doing it again in a few months, and I have made many friends that have asked to join me in the next round. Thank you from the bottom of heart Edith, and all the best in your future programs… I want to know about them! “     - Jennifer; 42